Are You A Pirate?

I was listening to KWUF the other morning, and a commercial during the top-of-the-hour news got my attention.  The ad said “Is unlicensed software being used at your workplace? You can collect a bounty reward of up to $1,000,000 with your confidential tip. Just go to“  So even if pirated software isn’t on your radar […]

The Most Common Causes of Data Loss

In hard drives, mechanical failures occur when moving parts, such as the spindle motor or actuator assembly inside the mechanism, malfunction or simply wear out. When a laptop or external hard drive is dropped or jarred, physical damage to internal components or a head crash can destroy the platter surface and the underlying data. Power […]

Is Your Hard Drive Failing?

Are funny sounds from a hard drive a sign of different types of failures? Before we answer that, just a reminder – if a hard drive makes any unusual sounds, turn it off immediately. Failure to do so could cause irreparable media damage, making the drive completely unrecoverable. Indeed, each kind of sound may indicate […]

8 Easy E-mail Tips That Make You Look Good

I get an awful lot of e-mail. Sometimes, people are looking for help with their computers.  There is also the barrage of press releases, sales offers, and an occasional blast from the past when someone I’ve lost contact with drops me a note. After facing this tidal wave of electronic words for several years, I’ve […]

How To Run A Free Background Check

Possibly you’ve never considered using the Internet to run a background check. Neither did I until I tried it. But it’s really not hard if you know how, and it’s free. The simple fact is, there are many situations in life where it’s extremely helpful or reassuring to be able to quickly find out something […]

How To Make Your Batteries Last

Here are four tips. 1. Follow instructions: You should properly prepare the battery by following the first charge and use instructions. If you don’t, you could shorten the life or run-time of your battery. 2. Don’t overcharge them. Charging the batteries in PDAs, cell phones or Tablet PCs for long periods of time will reduce the overall […]

Automated Online Backup Means Peace of Mind

Do you have crucial data on your desktop or notebook that is not backed up regularly? When looking at data backup best practices, you’ll find only two kinds of small businesses: those that have experienced a data disaster and those that will. Countless studies have shown that small businesses without a sound backup and disaster […]