Automated Online Backup Means Peace of Mind
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Automated Online Backup Means Peace of Mind

Automated Online Backup Means Peace of Mind


Do you have crucial data on your desktop or notebook that is not backed up regularly?

When looking at data backup best practices, you'll find only two kinds of small businesses: those that have experienced a data disaster and those that will. Countless studies have shown that small businesses without a sound backup and disaster recovery procedure never recover. In addition, small businesses without a comprehensive, regularly tested recovery plan are likely to go out of business within a few months after a data disaster.


Ignoring basic disaster recovery planning can be very dangerous to your company's survival. Just because your company is a small business doesn't mean it's immune from big data disasters.

Just like your Fortune 1000 counterparts, you probably have several mission-critical software applications running on your PCs and network. As information becomes increasingly digitized and highly concentrated, planning for data disasters becomes more important than ever.

A good data backup system is a lot like an insurance policy - you hope you never need to put in a claim, but you sleep a lot better knowing your company is covered. Raymond Rent-A-Nerd has recently partnered with
IDrive to offer automated backup service combined with online storage.


Automated service means you don't have to remember to physically handle the backup media. So you have the assurance that the backup will occur on a regular basis.

Online storage means the data goes off-site immediately. So there's no waiting for someone to take it off-site and no waiting for retrieval when you need to restore data. Why is off-site so important? If your office gets flooded, burned down or broken into, it won't do you much good if your backup media were sitting on top of your PC or server.

IDrive enables consumers and organizations to get enterprise-class protection for their critical data at a fraction of the cost. IDrive provides an extensive enterprise-ready feature-set for secure online storage with superior performance including Snapshots, Network Drive, Sharing, Collaboration, Sub-Accounts, WebFolders and Mobile Access. IDrive is the most recommended and used online storage and backup provider. To put it simply, IDrive gets your data restored quickly, easily, and with a minimum of effort.


If you would like to learn more, simply click on one of the pictures in this article. Then use the tabs at the top of the web pages to navigate for more information. Or just give us a call. We'd be happy to discuss all your backup options.




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