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What can I find out about someone?

What can I find out about someone?  


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 Possibly you've never considered using the Internet to run a background check. Neither did I until I tried it. But it's really not hard if you know how, and it's free.

 The simple fact is, there are many situations in life where it's extremely helpful or reassuring to be able to quickly find out something about an associate's or neighbor's background.

 Consider a few scenarios:

 * You're thinking of investing in a business and you want to know more about the current owner.

 * You're considering dating someone you met on the Internet and want to know more about that person.

 * Your son or daughter has a new girlfriend/boyfriend and you want to check the person out.

 * New neighbors have moved in next door and they've been acting a little odd (or so you think). You have kids and would really like to find out more about these people.

 * You're in college and thinking of taking on a roommate, but before you accept anybody into your apartment you want to check them out.

 * A local used-car dealer has a good price on a car you want. But you'd like to check out the owner of the lot and see if he's been sued or has a criminal record before buying a car from him (i.e., run a quick background check).

 The Internet now makes these kinds of background checks possible - for free - and it's perfectly legal as long as you adhere to a few simple guidelines.

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