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How do you make sure your batteries last as long as possible?

How do you make sure your batteries last as long as possible?


Here are four tips.

1. Follow instructions: You should properly prepare the battery by following the first charge and use instructions. If you don't, you could shorten the life or runtime of your battery.

2. Don't overcharge them. Charging the batteries in PDAs, cell phones or Tablet PCs for long periods of time will reduce the overall life of the battery. Battery chargers normally taper down when the battery is fully charged. However, enduring weeks of even a 'trickle charge' creates heat buildup and will eventually cause premature battery failure. How do you avoid overcharging? Remove the charger right after the battery is fully charged.

3. Use them at regular intervals. This is a problem that affects spare batteries, but it can also be a factor on a backup unit, such as a second cell phone. Batteries have to be used in order to get the most out of them. If you have spares, cycle them every three months. This will go a long way in keeping your batteries maintained to properly perform.

4. Stay away from cheap-o replacements. Quality is very important when it comes to replacement batteries. Many lesser-known but cheaper brands cut corners when they make their batteries. That can affect the overall life expectancy and performance of the battery. Worse, the batteries may be defective because "most low-end batteries are refurbished or just not working with quality control. Go with a recognized brand and buy from a reputable source.




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